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Of cattle and kids

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I was driving today, seemingly aimlessly as usual, on a road just outside of Helsinki, driving away from the city, when I saw a herd of cows, in their grassy enclosure just beside the road, basking in the morning sun which would soon disappear. The cows, they seemed so happy, especially the one I had time to focus my vision on. Reminded me of a thought I’ve had for a while: you don’t see cows anymore, when you drive around the country. But they still exist.

When I was a young boy, roughly 25 years ago, we would frequently pack up the car and drive to either of the places my parents were from; they are both children of farmers like with so many of the people of my generation. Our parents were the people who migrated from the countryside and flcoked the towns and cities. So while my grandparents were still alive and still farming, I and my siblings had the chance to look at the life of cows from very close. I still remember vividly the time I found a newborn calf on the floor of the barn and went to alert my uncle or someone, who would know what to do. On those many drives to and from our grandparents’ farms, you would see cows, all the time. Today it’s a rarity to inspire this little blog entry.

We all know where the cows went. They went inside. Like most kids today also, I’m guessing. But while kids are inside playing war games on their consoles, cows are just eating and being milked. I’m sure there is a connection: to be able to afford game consoles for our kids, we had to take the cows inside, we had to make them more productive. To sell milk to get money to buy game consoles.

 This obviously begs the question: was it all worth it? A farm is no longer a place you can take your kids to, because none of your relatives are farmers. A cow, the most typical of animals of my youth, is becoming a curiosity of a kind, something you will go and see once during your school years, on a class trip. After all, it’s not a heroic animal like the wolverine, so it will not get its designated cartoon superhero, nor a famous character on a video game. But all it probably ever wanted was to feel happy.


Written by Ossi Eskola

23.05.2011 klo 19:09

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