Ich habe Pläne, grosse Pläne…

A close call

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Just a couple of pictures I could not insert into a climbing forum, so they can be viewed here. The left one indicates the size of the fallen piece of rock, the route is on the right.


Written by Ossi Eskola

18.08.2011 klo 22:37

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  1. Good that no one got injured. Having said that, I have to say that by the looks of the cliff, it’s no wonder that a block is coming out sooner or later. Cliffs with shitty quality of rock tend to be loose. I have personally witnessed several ”blocks” coming out while cleaning routes. A good thing to check is: a) if something moves, b) if something is hollow – and to get it out before climbing.


    18.08.2011 at 23:12


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