Ich habe Pläne, grosse Pläne…

A Christmas poem

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Today I saw this strange and spooky Santa set up to greet unsuspecting by-passers, wedged in a small gully. I think the person who did it has a great sense of humor. Seeing it inspired me to write a little Christmas poem, to all of you my dear readers.


In this time of greed

I saw Santa, but he wasn’t real

so it’s time to stop lying and buying

to your children

all the things they’ll never need

about the Man who isn’t real.


Admit it, even you don’t believe

in the Man with the beard, a cross between

God and cocaine, a capitalistic dream.


So come with me,

into the trees,*

don’t cut them down! please

for one or two days

of killing sprees.

But let them be

your stress release


and you will see.


*= borrowed from Depeche Mode, in their song ”Stripped”


And here's Santa!


Written by Ossi Eskola

23.12.2011 klo 15:07

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